Common questions about our stores and answers.

Common questions about our stores and answers.

Common questions and our answers:

There are some common questions that people often ask us about our store, beybladevendor. This blog was made in the hope of having all the answer you need before you can confidently purchase our products. 

Question 1: Who are you?

We are a team of beyblade lovers, beybladers, collectors, and friends who love beyblades and many other "nostalgic" toys. This store is a product of our passion for the beys. We want to share the joy of having original, authentic beyblades that we all wanted as a kid. To relive our childhood!

Question 2: What type of products do you have?

We sell authentic, original metal beyblades, mostly Sonokong, sometimes we also have Takara Tomy and New Boy products. We are planning on expanding our store with other toys like Bakugans, and action figures in the near future.  

Question 3: How can I purchase your products? 

The process is very simple. You just need to have a working PayPal account. Then add the beyblades you want to the cart. Reach the checkout session, fill in your information, address, zipcode, phone number,... Make sure to double check your information before clicking purchase. 

Question 4: How can I know if the beyblade is authentic?

We have been beyblade collectors for a long time before opening the store. We always carefully check out the distinguished features of each authentic beyblades that set them apart from their fake or midfake counterparts. We do take this process very seriously and take pride in providing you the best original beys.

Question 5: How do I know when will my order arrive?

Normal EMS service takes 5-12 business days. Sometimes it can be a little bit longer, you can track your order using this link: 

International Express-EMS Whereabouts Inquiry in English (

If you use the boat service, expect it to be around 1 month, sometimes 2.

Question 6: What does the percentage next to the used beyblade mean?

It is an estimate of the condition of the beyblades. Just like weapon skin in CS:GO, factory new, battle-scarred,...

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